Monday, 24 January 2011


I am not exactly sure what 2011 will bring but I do know that the year has begun as 2010 ended with me and my family being very busy with some exciting projects. Me and blogging sort of parted company for most of 2010, I will try to get things back on track in 2011. Whilst I don't think I will achieve the regular weekly blogs of previous years I will make a little more effort to write about some of the going ons. Who knows it may also serve to get me into a bit more training....more of that shortly.

Back in September I started a Level 4 Sport and Remedial Massage course at Selby College. It is a year long course and I have to say I am loving it. I am loving the content, it's been something I have wanted to do for a number of years, but I am also loving getting back into a classroom and learning. I think there is something very satisfying about learning and although I have a decent grasp of the anatomy and physiology learning the theory and practice of sports massage is proving challenging, but exciting. I have just completed the first 20 page assignment, a process slightly different to my University days, because of the Internet. Should I be so bold to say students have it easy these days, well not easy but at your fingers tips is a whole world I didn't have access to in the early 90's, without an armful of books being extracted from the library.....I am looking to develop my massage skills and see where it will take me, who knows?

Sarah is equally busy developing the performing side of her business. She is currently building a new website and getting ready to launch herself beyond 'Caesar's Restaurant' at weddings, party's, other restaurants and really any gathering that would be enhanced with some live Saxophone, Flute or Clarinet tunes. She is loving playing her shiny new Tenor Saxophone, and even if I am slightly biased it does sound pretty sweet. She is currently recording some tunes to put together a CD, I will keep you all posted.

After what seems like many years of let's do it, no let's wait my Mum and Dad have finally taken the plunge and moved from our family home in Stewkley to Cumbria. They do say when it's supposed to happen it will, and around October 2010 they found their perfect home, sold their's and the week before Christmas moved. It is a bit of a new lease of life for them, they are within striking distance of he northern Lakes and Keswick, and are on the door step of the Solway Firth which looks like a beautiful place. Thrustonfield is a nice little village, everybody seems really friendly and things are looking good. So now a trip to see Mum and Dad can include a mountain walk or run or a cycle with my Dad in some pretty special scenery. They are also within striking distance of many of the 7 Stanes mountain bike routes! The only downside is the added bonus of a ride with Jevon when I visited them in Stewkley has now gone. I'm sure some Yorkshire mountain biking will appeal to him....

Ellie and Evie continue to bring so much joy to mine and Sarah's lives. Ellie is becoming a very accomplished little girl, with a huge thirst for knowledge and an even bigger thirst for writing stories and drawing pictures. She is dancing in her dance schools show in March and will take a Ballet exam shortly afterwards. She also did her first running race with me back in October which was really good fun. Evie is still driving us crazy with her eating and sleeping habits, but she is really developing a fabulous carefree attitude and enjoyment for eveything she is exposed to. She might be the little sister but she can certainly hold her own!! I think sometimes we forget she is only 3 1/2 years old, and becasue of her sister have too much of an expectation of her. Oh the joy of parenting, no text book or iPad App, it's all pretty much instinct. Anyway Evie is a bundle of energy a really energetic little girl and a great deal of fun. When the girls are playing nicely together (which is very often) they are amazing to listen to and watch :)
Did I mention iPad....I must have been a really good boy in 2010 because Sarah got me one for Christmas. After seeing friends Ipads I wasn't sure of their use, but now I am totally converted. They are a fabulous piece of kit, I have everything from amazing 3D muscle and trigger point apps for my massage course to photo colorsplash apps to table tennis. I have read a couple of books and done pretty much everything I would have done on my computer. I am sold, everybody in our family have found things to do on it both educational and fun. It is a pretty amazing and I am a lucky boy!!

We got a couple of chickens in September and just before Christmas they started laying. That's pretty cool, fresh eggs most days, good fun to look out in the garden and see a couple of hens walking around pecking everything that gets in the way.

I have just about shrugged off tendonitis in both achilles. This has really affected my running, biking and all physical activity if I am really honest. A combination of an injury, football in footy boots on hard pitches, football in flat trainers in a hard sports hall, a summer in flip flops and bare feet and a desire to run for two weeks in Lanzarote whilst on holiday with the injury that really messed me up. Anyway treatment from Ove and recently some ultra sound seems to have just about got on top of it. I am running again and hope that the rehabilitation work and general adaptation from running and training will see it put to bed. I can then start to enjoy some running fitness and build some more activity into my week.
I am very lucky to be surrounded by and exposed to some very inspirational people. I think this is such a great thing to have in your life and I certainly feel enriched and often invigorated by friends and people I know. I am sure they will continue to have a big influence on me in 2011. Well thats a start, let's see what the week brings, take it easy out there and use the energy of others to help invigorate your week. See ya later....

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Ben Bigglestone said...

Keep the blogs coming Ben, it is a great way for me to stay connected all the way over here in US, I really look forward to your updates.

Cindy and I have to get over this year, no more procrastinating, just got to figure out some dates and travel plans. I figure we will start down in Hampshire with David, head to Hereford to catch up with Dad, Dawn, Jason and Nick and then head up to see you guys. Better start planning....and saving, that damn pound is just so strong ;).