Sunday, 31 August 2008

Summer Holidays

Since arriving on 29th March 1975 I have never had less than 6 weeks of holiday in the summer time. Throughout my school life I enjoyed what seemed like weeks and weeks and weeks of freedom, as a student it was even more weeks of freedom (much of it spent in America coaching football), and now in my chosen career I am still experiencing the thrill each July, the end of term and weeks of freedom. It’s not quite been weeks and weeks of freedom (my two daughters, reduce that), but the summer break of 2008 has been pretty special, what did I get up to.

Ironman Switzerland, (my second outing at the long distance triathlon) another fabulous experience and a PB. Ten day’s camping with my three Girls’ at Interlaken. The National Triathlon Relay Championships, a great day with 43 of my Leeds and Bradford Club mates. A family outing at Fraisthorpe beach (nr Bridlington). Celebrating my third Wedding Anniversary with my gorgeous wife Sarah. A couple of days in the Langdale Valley in the Lake District with my Dad, including a walk across Crinkle Crag’s and an ascent of Scafell Pike in mist and poor visibility. More family outings to various parks and kid’s playgrounds. Early morning’s witnessing some inspirational sport from the Olympics. Six days camping in the West Highlands of Scotland with Max and Dad celebrating Dad’s 60th Birthday Year, two long walking days with full packs, a run up and down Ben Nevis, and a walk up and down the ‘Ben’ with Dad and Max, a superb trip (beware of the MIDGES if you ever go between June and September). A ‘monster day’ in the saddle, 153.52 miles (my longest ride to date). Watching Evie progress from her bum shuffling form of locomotion, to a fully pledged member of the upright mobility crew. A family camping trip (in the garden). Finally on the concluding weekend giving support from a far to my Dad as he rode like a demon in a 12 hr time trial clocking 204.6 miles, absolutely inspirational stuff. It’s been a full summer, but that’s how we like it.

So what will I be writing about? I guess it depends what each week brings, however one thing is for sure, training and triathlon will feature quite heavily. Prior to Ironman Switzerland I was chatting to Sarah and saying how I’d have a break from Ironman (although she didn’t say at the time she knew I wouldn’t), however after the race it wasn’t long before the conversation moved to a week’s holiday in Lanzarote, yep that’s right, Ironman Lanzarote 2009 . So why did I change my mind? Well I think that when something is such a big part of your life, you cannot just remove it, replace it with something different or extinguish the desire to set up another physical challenge. My days are full of running, cycling, training and physical activity, my close friends, brother and Dad are athletic types who train and race, it is how I am wired, and at this time in my life I don’t feel like re-wiring.

The summer holiday officially finishes tomorrow, so I guess it’s back to work......Lesson 1 Badminton, Lesson 2 Basketball, Lesson 3 Fitness, Lesson 4 Principles of Training and lesson's 5 and 6 Rugby, oh dear it’s gonna be tough day.