Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I haven't blogged for ages, Why? well the focus of my blog has been training and since Lanzarote I guess that has been ticking along with nothing of real significance to write about. I have enjoyed a bit of a rest from the computer and I guess wanting to write something meaningful each week has left me a little short of inspiration. In reality it has been a very busy 12 weeks since Lanzarote. He's a quick recap of some of the things that have happened.

Majorca: 2 weeks family Holiday in Cala Bona, in a Thompson Family Extra Resort. This was our first 'non race' holiday and we were really excited about the prospect of enjoying 2 weeks in the sun as a family. Overall it was nice holiday, the facilities that make this type of holiday different from a normal apartment holiday were exceptional. Kids clubs for Ellie, Creche facilities for Evie, great swimming pool, swimming lessons for Ellie, etc etc were all very much appreciated for that little bit of free time so that Sarah and I could also have a bit of a break on some days. Ellie loved the evening entertainments dancing, kids games etc, the next few years will be fun as I keep catching her singing bits to songs on the radio and dancing in front of the mirror :) 95% of the people then enjoyed the Reps evening entertainments that went through to 11.30pm. However watching Rod Stewart or Tina Turner Tribute acts and Holiday Reps doing their stuff is neither Sarah's nor mine idea of a good night. Options were a little limited, back to the apartment and sit on the balcony with a bottle of wine, entertainments too noisy, go out in Cala Bona, too late for Ellie and Evie. We were a bit snookered and felt we missed 'our' time when the girls had gone too bed. Thus we are now searching for the holiday that has 'some' provision for children during the day time, but doesn't turn into Butlins as the sun sets, we quite fancy the idea of EuroCamp etc in the South West of France, suggestions welcome.

Broken Ulna: Evie had run, jumped, been a lunatic for 2 weeks in Majorca. The day after returning she is at an indoor play center with her friends and she falls from a little soft step and would you believe it breaks her Ulna. She is now into week 3 with her arm cast, it comes off tomorrow. It hasn't worried her in the slightest. Just terrified me and Sarah as she continues to bounce around and behave like the bundle of energy that she is.

Racing: After Lanzarote I looked at the Triathlon race schedule and time trial race schedule and wondered what to do. There wasn't really any triathlons that were jumping off the page at me, so I decided that a decent couple of months of time trialling would be the way forward. It's been going pretty well so far. I have ridden 1.57.30 (ave speed 25.52mph) for 50 miles, 58.38 (25.58mph) for 25 miles and 23.40 (25.38mph) for 10 miles, I feel my speed and power is consistent around 25 to 26mph average, what I need to do is find some more watts to push performance up and my times down. Has 3 years of ironman training made me slow? have I lost my top end that I had in my mid 20's? or am I just needed more racing and time trial experiences. The arrival of my new bike (an impulsive buy from a club mate at a price too good to be true) has helped fire me up. Check it out!!!!!

Camping: We have had a couple of fun camping outings with friends at a great site in the North Yorkshire Dales and in the garden. Sleeping under canvas and living outside is good fun. Ellie and Evie seem to like it, hope to fit another one in before the summers out.

Jobs around the home: Boring stuff really, some necessary, some done out of a few months of neglect and some done to make training more comfortable. My Garage/ Gym is now looking clean and inviting, strength and conditioning is now back on the agenda in a big way. Oh to be 18 years old? I have been putting one of my A Level Pupils and Family Friend's through his paces on the weights. He is on the verge of breaking into the GB Judo Squad, and has decided to delay his University experience this year to concentrate on his Judo Goals. At 73kg he was just out of the 73kg category but at the bottom of the 81kg Category. Heavy weights, protein and an intense appetite for training have seen him pack on 5kg's in the last few weeks. He is well on the way. I am just about holding my own, but for how mush longer I'm not sure! Oh to be 18 again and have more Testosterone and HGH than the Tour de France Peleton (that's a little unfair it seems to have been a very clean tour) Dane is a very motivated athlete, switched on kid, great support network at home and I think will be there in 2012.

Toast: I love toast! white bread, multigrain, brown, wholemeal it just doesn't matter. I can destroy a loaf over a couple of days no problem. However with toast comes butter, jam, peanut butter, honey, Nutella etc etc. I read an interesting book called 'The Paleo Diet for the Athlete' and have since been trying to cut down on my intake of wheat and grains. In brief a Paleo diet suggests we eat like a Caveman, lots of good meat and fish, heaps of veg and fruit and nothing that they wouldn't have had eg, wheat and grains as well as the more obvious refined sugars and processed food. I have been giving it a go. I have eaten more fruit and veg than before and have not really missed the pasta, rice or breads that would have made up 30% or more of most meals. Breakfast is now fruit, nuts, a little Muesli and a little yogurt or eggs usually in the form of a 3 egg omelet with various ham, chicken, mushroom combos. I have not become 'anal' over what I can and cannot eat but if possible have tried to go for it. I think I need to tweak it a little so it works for me, fitting in with my family and lifestyle but in theory it makes quite a lot of sense to me. I have spent many hours watching the updates from various Ironman Races across the World as my friends have raced their socks off. Too many at this stage to call individually but well done some amazing performances, Inspiring stuff :)

Reading: I have really enjoyed reading this summer. I have Read 'In search of Robert Millar' an interesting read about life as a pro cyclist. 'Thunder and Sunshine', Alistair Humpreys story of his journey by bike around the World, now that's an adventure, made me feel very safe and small in my comfortable bubble. 'The Paleo Diet for Athletes' (see above). 'Mark Cavendish, Boy Racer' this was really enjoyable. I might squeeze one more book in before I return to work, suggestions?

Coffee: Throughout my life I have drunk Tea not really getting the coffee taste, however Tea is a bit boring so I have given the famous bean a go. Finding proper coffee a bit of a shock I have eased in slowly and am now enjoying the Tea alternative of a milky Coffee or when the opportunity arises a Cappuchino. Not yet on the hard 'Black' variety but moving in that direction. Life's about experimenting so lets experiment!

Work: What is that? In a colleges office is a postcard that say's 'the 2 best things about teaching are July and August' If as a teacher that's your mindset then the rest of the year will be tough, but hey July and August are pretty good. So far I've had 5 1/2 weeks holiday with 2 1/2 more to go. I am looking forward to going back to work but being at home is not bad either.

Well that's a very brief over view I hope to get back into the regular blogging mentality, it's been very enjoyable. Take care and enjoy the sun for it is now shining, and before long it will be dark at 5pm:)